accident2Carys Panel beating is a licenced smash repair shop that has been operating from the same premises since 1955. Our tradesmen are licenced panel beaters and spray painters that pride themselves on the quality of work produced. All tradesmen receive up to date training and education on modern panel beating repair techniques to ensure your car is returned to you in a safe and efficient manner.

Our panel beating services include:

  • Minor and major dent repair
  • Panel replacement
  • Plastic and fibreglass repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Alloy wheel repair
  • Airbag and suspension repair
  • Structural repair
  • Welding and adhesive repairs

Panel beating is the process of repairing and restoring a car to its original state and shape after an accident. The modern vehicles structural engineering means that if out of date repair techniques and equipment are used on the repair of your vehicle, it may be returned to you in a dangerous and unsafe state. It is important that if any structural repairs are completed to your vehicle the correct techniques and tooling are used. By choosing Carys Panelbeating as your panel beater of choice you are ensuring your car is retuned to you in pre accident condition with all of its safety and collision management systems in place.

car accidentAt Carys panelbeating we place a high emphasis on training and education. Much like computers cars are evolving at a rapid pace, you wouldn’t want a technician working on your computer who hadn’t had any updated training for over 10 years. Technology and equipment has undergone major changes in that time. It is the same in the automotive industry, the modern day car has numerous different steels, alloys, computers and modules which work together to form the vehicles collision management system. It is vital for you and your cars safety that in an event of a repair that your panel beater returns these systems back to their correct working order so in the event of another accident the car reacts the way it was engineered to. Make Carys your panel beater of choice and put your mind at ease that the integrity of you motor vehicle will be maintained in the event of a repair. Don’t let your insurance company direct or steer you into one of their own repair shops. It is your car and your right and choice to pick which panel beater you wish to repair your car. The correct choice could save your life.

View some of the videos in our video gallery to get a better understanding of the importance of correct panel beating techniques.